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Kentmere Healthcare Consulting was founded in 2000 specifically to support health plans with management of their outpatient laboratory services. We were the first company to recognize the need of health plans to manage the complex financial, medical and technical requirements of their outpatient laboratory testing coverage and benefits. Kentmere is an unequaled subject matter expert, and we are the company that created the term and service Lab Benefit Management Program (LBMP) in 2000.

For over 20 years, Kentmere has provided its LBMP to local, regional and national health plans in all states across all plan and product types including commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage with 100 percent validated success that you can confirm through our completely independent references.  Kentmere is independent and works only for health plans. Kentmere is not owned by a laboratory, health plan, imaging, genetic counseling company or venture capital group trying to be a laboratory expert.

Our executive team is composed of former “C-level”  executives from the medical, laboratory, financial and managed care industries averaging more than 25-30 years’ experience in their fields before joining Kentmere. Our staff includes MDs, PhDs, CPAs and former employees from both national labs, regional labs, national and regional managed care plans from both BCBS and commercial plans. In addition, our analysts have experience working at health plans, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories as well as the national CPA firms as auditors. 

Kentmere’s unmatched expertise includes clinical, pathology, toxicology, genetic and all other types of laboratory testing. Only Kentmere provides health plans with up-to-date expertise in supporting all health plan departments that are directly or indirectly affected by out-patient laboratory testing. Kentmere does not charge by the hour so all services are provided in our comprehensive LBMP. Kentmere’s program provides continuous and ongoing monitoring of all projected savings, quality and new technology, clinical and pricing issues for the health plan to assure all lab contracted performance measures and LBMP goals are being met. Kentmere’s LBMP evolves each year, adding new updates and analytics to our proprietary program and services not offered by any other company in the health care industry resulting in best practices of the healthcare industry exclusively for Kentmere clients.

Kentmere Healthcare Consulting LMBP is the only complete program with validated success with a 20-1 ROI in every case for over 20 years.