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For over 20 years, Kentmere Healthcare Consulting has saved health plans of all sizes tens of millions of dollars annually while increasing all quality measure with our proprietary effective, hands-on Kentmere Lab Benefit Management Program (LBMP).

Every client has documented a 20-1or greater ROI (not including trend reduction, administrative costs decreases or cost avoidance).

The Kentmere LBMP requires limited health plan assistance, easing the burden on health plan leaders.

Our proprietary Kentmere Proactive website provides health plans with unlimited access to daily updated lab test technical and financial information, network and medical policy guidelines and updated technical and business information on the laboratory industry. This saves health plans many hours of research and dollars and allows our clients to react quickly to the changes in requirements of managing outpatient lab testing.

Kentmere’s LBMP provides support for a health plan’s members, providers and management.
Our LBMP immediately provides short-term savings and quality improvements for the plan, in addition to intermediate and long-term benefits.

The health plan experiences minimal disruption due to Kentmere’s oversight and proprietary network and management implementation program.

Our independent client references are the best confirmation of our results.